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WELCOME TO JANSSSS by JansPuns WELCOME TO JANSSSS :iconjanspuns:JansPuns 0 0


Mark Dream Comic by cartoonjunkie Mark Dream Comic :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 1,402 192
Ted X Chris The Kiss 13 FanFic
Chris ran quickly down the street, dodging around a couple people, keeping Foofy close to him. He could feel the tears dripping down his cheeks a bit. Why’d he even do this? He should have known he was going to get rejected! Why would Ted ever like him?? They were both guys for one thing!
Chris sniffled and wiped his tears from his face with one hand, but before he knew it he felt something snag against his foot and he came tumbling down onto the ground. He yelped, making sure Foofy was safe as he fell onto his side. Shit..
He sat up and cursed, looking at the small gash on the side of his arm. He winced a bit and covered it with his other hand. Great, it’s not like that’s gonna get infected or something haha, shit.
“You alright there kid?” The man said, holding a hand out to him to help him up.
Chris sniffled some and looked up to him, slowly taking his hand. Hell he was a police officer who wouldn’t trust him? He looked kind of familiar.
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Busted? by Witequeen Busted? :iconwitequeen:Witequeen 307 57
Chris, You Idiot!
        Ted was sitting on a bench at the dump where him and his friends would usually hang out at. Nothing much was happening today, it was quite peaceful, actually. But that usually means something bad is going to happen sooner or later, and it's usually Chris's fault... Sometimes Aiden would cause problems, but mostly Chris. Ted looked to his left and saw Chu Chu sitting in a corner, mumbling something to himself; At his right, he saw Chris and Ted talking to each other, Aiden was nodding, a smirk across his face, Chris was just laughing and nodding his head. Who knows what they were talking about, and who cares? Ted doesn't. They're most likely planning a prank or something just as stupid. Ted pulled a slice of watermelon out of his pocket, and smiled slightly.. He took a bite and let out a huge sigh, Mr.Foofy- or just "Foofy" glanced at Ted, then went back to sleep.
    A few minutes passes, Aiden and Chris finished talking and ran off. They're p
:iconharmonyparty:HarmonyParty 46 55
Ted X Chris The Kiss 12 Fanfic
Aiden glanced behind himself as Chris ran down the sidewalk before shooting a glare at Ted. “Why'd you do that?”
“Why’d I do what?” Ted said, kicking against the floor and looking away from the smaller one quickly. There's know way he could've known what they were talking about-.
“You lied to him!”
“Lied about what-? I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Ted tensed up, maybe he did know something… oh god who else knew about this.
“You know exactly what I’m talking about. If you didn't want to kiss him you would've pushed him away!”
Shit. “You know about that--???”
“I saw the whole thing.”
Leave it to Aiden to be the eavesdropper of their group. Ted ran his fingers threw his hair and looked down to the pebble covered ground.
He knew he could've pushed him away easily, but he just… Those lips, they were so soft and… God what was he thinking he already rejected
:icontranscandydemon:TransCandyDemon 78 79
Ted X Chris The Kiss 10 Fanfic
Chris watched Ted lay himself down to take a nap. Was he tired? He stayed asleep all night, or well, he appeared too. Hm…
Chris glanced at Aiden who was digging his hand threw the cereal to try and find the toy within. His eyes then looked down to Mr. Foofy who had his eyes closed and was breathing softly with a little cat nap. He wondered… Did Ted ever dream about him?
Well sure they were friends they probably had dreams about each other all the time. But, he wondered if Ted had any other dreams about him. Who knows, maybe….
Chris huffed and fixed his collar a bit around his neck before shivering a little. It was too cold in this alleyway. He wrapped his arms around himself and glanced back at Ted. At least he had that warm fuzzy jacket. He never let him borrow it though when it got too cold. He’d love to just cuddle up in that fuz and smell Ted along the fabric of the jacket.
Chris sighed and ran his fingers threw his head, looking up to the cloudy sky. It was
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Ted X Chris The Kiss 9 FanFic
Ted used a stray cloth to rub the rest of the egg off his face, shifting the watermelon in his lap. His face felt so sticky it was disgusting, god he hoped he wouldn't smell like rotten eggs later. That’d be the worse.
Though he guess he should thank Aiden… Who knows what would have happened if he didn't do that. Ted sighed and traced his thumb across the skin of the watermelon. He could just barely imagine Jeffmelon’s face on it.
He still remembered that one time Chris got him a whole cart full of them… God he was so happy that day, and then Chris started to be all weird smelling him and stuff like that. Chris has always been weird though.. Guess he just kind of kicked it up a notch since that….thing… happened.
Why had it always been like there was that small bit of a thing between them? There wasn't but, always people assumed. His mom even assumed it! Aiden even lied once and said they made out when they were
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Ted X Chris The Kiss 8 FanFic
Aiden easily got into the house because well, it was his house he lived there. Both Ted and Chris moved to the back yard.
Ted knelt down in the bushes by the window and Chris slowly moved up behind him. Ted could just barely make out Chris’s warmth behind him. Was he standing to close? Ted was already tense enough as is. He didn’t need to get caught again.
Chris looked at the back of Ted’s head and shifted a bit closer behind him. He was just crouched down enough that Chris could easily lean over him. Which of course, is what he was doing. Although he might have leaned forward to much because the next thing he knew was that he fell on top of Ted’s back and pushed the other’s face into the ground.
“Chris-?!” Ted said in a hushed yell of a whisper struggling underneath him.
“Sorry!” Chris was trying to get off but the other was just struggling underneath him, which just kept knocking him back down on top of him.
“Oh my god, Chri
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Ted X Chris The Kiss 7 FanFic
Morning didn't come soon enough, hell he was probably annoying Foofy with how much he was petting him during the last of the night. But when he saw the brightness of the sun finally peaking over his can he quickly shifted out, leaving his precious cat to get some more sleep.
He yawned, obviously he was tired, but the thought of having another one of those nightmares had kept him from sleep. He stretched his arms out over his head and glanced over where Ted was still laying facing towards the wall. Chris bit into his lip a bit, chewing it in thought. How was he going to play this out was the real question.
How could he catch Ted so off guard he could just steal another kiss? Hmm... Was he still asleep right now?
Chris walked over carefully to Ted and knelt down behind him, scooting over just a bit to lean over him. Ted quickly jerked over onto his back and Chris looked down at his shocked face.
Chris stayed where he was leaned over him, looking slowly down to his lips. He could do it ri
:icontranscandydemon:TransCandyDemon 76 9
Ted X Chris The Kiss 6 FanFic
Shit Shit Shit
Why'd he do that??? Why????!!?!?
Ted could hear his heart beating in his skull. He hadn't been asleep at all. Hell he couldn't sleep. Not with all these thoughts spinning in his head, and now, this.
What was he trying to gain from this?? What the hell was going threw Chris's mind? Because shit Ted wanted to know. 
Was he just doing it because he wanted too still? Or did... Did that mean something else? 
No, no no no, no way could it have meant something else. Haha, that would be crazy.
Chris didn't like him like that no sir. Ted didn't like Chris like that either! No way in hell, nope.
He held tightly to the sides of his jacket. His face was so flushed right now. Why? It was just a kiss on the cheek from his friend!!
Friend, nothing more! F R I E N D. God, why was he feeling this way??? Why did his cheek feel so warm, why couldn't he stop thinking about the way those damned lips felt against his.
Ted took
:icontranscandydemon:TransCandyDemon 76 18
Ted X Chris The Kiss 5 FanFic
The sounds of a moving vehicle surrounded him. For the moment he saw nothing but darkness. 
The little bumps of the road pushed him up and down, and soon his eyes opened. 
He was on a bus, his eyes looked around, no one else seemed to be on the bus with him, not even the driver. Yet it felt like it was moving. He thought nothing of it.  Outside the window was nothing but darkness, not the city, nothing at all.
Chris's head turned quickly from the window to face the green haired male who called his name. He was sitting right besides him, even though just a minute ago that seat was completely empty.
"Ted?" He said, blinking some in slight confusion. Why were they on a bus, where was Aiden? Where were they?
Chris could feel Ted's hand move to hold onto the side of his arm. He furrowed his eyebrows in slight confusion, and yet the next thing he knew was there were soft watermelon tasting lips against his.
:icontranscandydemon:TransCandyDemon 75 38
Ted X Chris The Kiss 4 FanFic
Chris kicked his feet against the park bench, it was already starting to get dark. He huffed some and gently moved some of the cats off him onto the bench. 
He hated to leave his little posse of cats but he had to get back to the ally. He was already hungry an tired. He let Mr. Foofy climb along his shoulders as he walked, feeling his little paw hit his piercing every now and then, but it didn't bother him. Well, so long as his claw didn't get stuck in it or something, that shit's painful.
Chris hummed to himself and shoved his hands into his pockets. He wondered if Ted would be back with the food already. He probably was.
What would he say to him? Would the topic of the kiss come up?? He wondered if he was as confused about the whole thing as he was. He wanted to know just how Ted felt about that damned thing. 
Chris turned down into the ally, looking at the two there sitting on the ground. Ted, well, looked like he was asleep. At least he didn't have to talk and make an awk
:icontranscandydemon:TransCandyDemon 68 24
Ted x Chris The Kiss 3 FanFic
Ted walked back to the ally, holding two pizza boxes in his hand. The whole situation was still spinning in his head.
Chris kissed him. Chris kissed him! His friend, his straight friend kissed him! God how does that even happen?! And he just felt like it, no other reason, he just felt like it! Like it was the most normal thing in the world to just come up to your friend and kiss them smack dab on the lips!!
Yet, that feeling...that odd feeling that came over him when Chris did that.. 'The hell was that?? He shivered and tried to push the thought to the side.
It was just Chris being weird, teasing him probably. It was Chris course it was just him being weird right? Right?? It's not like that kiss was serious haha no definitely not.
Ted sighed threw his nose and walked into the ally, noticing Aiden laying on the ground kicking the trash can every now and then. But... "Where's Chris??"
Aiden glanced up at him and quickly stood up and took the box of pizza fr
:icontranscandydemon:TransCandyDemon 76 31
Ted X Chris The Kiss 2 FanFic
Aiden walked into the ally way after shoving his hands into his hoody. "What are you freaks even doing?"
"Well we were-"
"Nothing! We were doing nothing!" Ted said, quickly interrupting Chris. No, no Aiden can't find out, that'll just be one thing he'll never let Ted live that down. God no.
Chris cocked an eyebrow at Ted but shrugged it off, hey if he wanted to keep it a secret whatever. It's not like it was anything bad, was it? Was it??? Chris looked down at the little Foof in his lap. He softly scratched behind his black ear. Was it a bad thing? 
Ted brushed the front of his jacket off, slowly moving away from the fence. "I'm going to get something to eat."
"Bring back something for us this time!" Aiden whined, last time it was watermelon pizza. Watermelon. Aiden still ate it but c'mon he wanted real pizza. Hopefully Chris wouldn't try to take the whole thing this time.
Chris's stomach grumbled in response, yeah he was hungry too. Mr. Foofy meowed in his lap and hopped o
:icontranscandydemon:TransCandyDemon 88 49
Ted X Chris The Kiss FanFiction
Just an average every day in the alley way. Aiden sitting in the corner playing with the rocks, Chris petting the cute little Mr. Foofy, and Ted lazing on the tires. 
Ted's head was leaned back looking at the clouds slowly moving past them, a slight sigh came from his nose and he tilted it to the side. Today just wasn't eventful wasn't it?
Chris hummed a soft tune, sliding his hand across the soft plush perfect fur, silently glancing over at the distracted Ted every now and then. He looked calm, bored, most like all of them were.
Aiden made an annoyed grunt and stood up, his fake bunny ears flopping a bit as he moved. "I'm going out, freaks." He said and scrunched his nose up distastefully before walking out of the ally, leaving Chris and Ted to their own devices. 
Chris glanced back down at Mr. Foofy for a moment before looking back up at Ted. This whole week's been interesting. Then again their whole life has been interesting. Especially for Chris... His parents well... He'
:icontranscandydemon:TransCandyDemon 216 77
Tedris by Kate-Volk Tedris :iconkate-volk:Kate-Volk 8 2


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